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CashBack Token

The superhero of rewards programs! It's not your typical cashback offer; it's a shopping experience like no other. A whole new ball game for shoppers. 


CashBack Token, aka CBT, gives you the ultimate power to decide. Will it be earned CashBack or an exciting treasure? Redeem for dollars or hold onto it – the choice is all yours! 


And here's the secret weapon – it's backed by the mighty real dollar!

Earn CBT While You Shop!

Getting your hands on CBT is as easy as a pie. Just shop on, and voilà! You earn CBT!


No tricks, no gimmicks - it's just a sweet reward for doing what you love.

It's automatic, it's quick, and it's oh-so-rewarding.


How YOU can Financially bet from CBT

Want to level up your CBT game? You've got two superpowers

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Instantly convert your CBT into real dollars and watch your wallet grow instantly. It's like a superhero paycheck for your shopping adventures!

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The Time Capsule

Be patient and let your CBT chill in your wallet. It's like planting a money tree! Over time, these tokens can grow in value

What's special about CashBack Token? 

Picture this: CBT's floor value soaring higher with each redeemed promo on MaxCashBack.AI


 But remember, the road to CBT riches gets trickier as time flies. So, why wait? Dive into CashBack Promos today and snag CBT while it's a breeze!"

CashBack Token is a brand new Token you can only earn by using the Platform 

The Floor Value of CBT will increase as more and more Promotions are redeemed on

Over time, it will become harder to earn CBT, so start using CashBack Promos today to earn more CashBack Tokens

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Shop all you want, While The CBT Wave is Fresh and New to Earn Rewards!

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