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Earn CashBack Rewards

on Purchases from your Favorite Brands!

Discover exclusive CashBack offers and earn a percent of what you spend as dollar redeemable tokens!

All your favourite stores under one roof


About MaxCashBack.AI

Unleash your Inner Shopper and Earn CBT Rewards!

At, we're all about making your shopping experience extra rewarding!


Shop at your favorite stores, earn valuable CashBack Tokens (CBT), and watch your rewards grow or redeem them for Dollars.


We partner with awesome stores, and when you shop through us, we share the commission with you in CBT. It's our way of saying thanks for being a savvy shopper!

Get CashBack Rewards

on Online and In-Store Purchases

Get ready to cash in on the fun because every single CashBack Token (CBT) you earn is worth $1 USD!

How It Works

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Join and Shop

Create an account, get a sign up bonus of $20 in CashBack rewards, and explore amazing deals

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Earn CashBack Rewards

Shop directly from your favorite brands while saving big. Earn a percent of what you spend as CashBack rewards

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Cash Out or Grow

Redeem your CashBack rewards instantly for cash, or watch your rewards grow in value over time

Shopping with us means Real Rewards

Over 200,000 Customers Actively Accumulating CashBack Tokens (CBT) on

Not Your Regular CashBack

Who said our CashBack Token was just another boring cashback program??

Our CashBack Token, aka CBT is backed by real dollars from merchants, which means you can enjoy extra perks on top of the usual coupon savings. Sounds pretty interesting, right? We thought so too.

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Earn CBT Based on your Spending

Your CBT rewards are determined by a percentage of what you spend. So if a brand offers 10% CashBack, you will get 10 CBT credited if you spend 100$ on

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Redeem CBT for Dollars

Seamlessly redeem your CBT balance for US dollars.

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Hold CBT and Watch it Grow

Hold your CBT & watch it grow with , as more deals & Offers are redeemed, users will earn less CBT per dollar spent, which causes CBT to  appreciate in market value.

Our Advertising Solutions

Online Shoes Shopping

We're all about putting the fun back in shopping!

Consider us your trusty sidekicks

Remember with every purchase, you have a chance to earn rewards - cha-ching, baby! 


So Join us on this wild and adventurous shopping journey. start the fun today!

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